People’s Vote March

On the 31st January 2020 the UK left the European Union. The vote was split marginally by 52% in favour to 48%. It divided not only the european continent but the UK. 
At the time, I was too young to vote by a matter of months on a decision that would ultimately affect many elements of my future.
On the 20th October 2018 over 1 million people marched to Parliament Square at the ‘People’s Vote March. Many believed that the long lasting consequences of the result were not fully examined, that many falsehoods were sold by politicians about what it would bring and that it stoked division between us and our neighbours -  something I too believe to this day.
So in October people from across all over the country, including myself, marched in favour of another say on the refferendum. During my time there I documented people of all ages, bacground and religions coming together peacefully to stay united with our friends in Europe.